22 April 2006

Deposits and Withdrawals

I was zonked yesterday.

Due to the fact that I withdrew some hours of sleep over the course of the week, I had to deposit them by the weekend. That is why yesterday, I was asleep from 6:00 PM up to 7:00 in the morning earlier today. It's just how my body works. If I sleep less in the weekdays, I pay it back during the weekends.

Yesterday, I guest-lectured for a class that a classmate of mine teaches. My classmate happens to be in Delaware in a conference, so I covered for his butt. The class was great, and after my one-hour lecture, some people approached me saying they enjoyed what I discussed with them. Which was great.

After that, I helped my fellow teaching assistant in finding plagiarisms in the papers that he was grading. Some people are just so naive, thinking that we TA's don't spot those plagiarised sentences. But we do! We sure do spot them. And lo and behold, we find it where they took the sentences, from Amazon.com or from any other place. How stupid.

My personal award is travelling across the country by now. It will reach me by the 27th, I think. There is this tracking device that lets me know where it is right now. It is divided into two shipments, and the first one already left, departing Fresno, CA. As of yesterday, it was already in Sacramento, CA, and left the city after 6 hours.

I'll let you know once I get the award up and running. And yes, it will change this blog for the better, I hope.


  1. good thing you were not my teacher during my book report days. thank GOd for that something something footnotes. forgot the title. hahahaha

    enjoy ur trip btw.

  2. I love that 311 video you have on your blog.