27 April 2006


Today has been a day of varying degrees of awe, surprise, and astonishment.

First of all, I think I have already finalized my schedule for next semester. It looks something like this.

Note however, that this schedule is still tentative, and that does not include my teaching responsibilities for next Fall 2006. Those are just the classes that I am enrolled in, not the classes in which I will be teaching.

BY THE WAY, yes, you read it right, I am teaching next Fall semester. It seems that for the next academic school year, I will teach in the Fall, and be a teaching assistant in the Spring. Yes, you're looking at your new professor.

What am I teaching? I will teach a freshman course called LANGUAGES OF THE WORLD, numbered as LIN 106. It sits around 30 students, more or less. There is one caveat though, that is, I haven't taught this class before. That means I need to do extensive research and borrow the syllabus of former instructors of the course. Good thing I will be back at the first week of August, and classes do not begin until the last day of August.

Since I am teaching, that means I could only take three classes of my own. And that I what I will be doing. Take three classes, as you can see in my schedule.

Aside from that piece of administrative news, I also reviewed for my great Typology test tomorrow. There will also be another study group-slash-review session tomorrow. I called a couple of other classmates and we gathered in my office to review the plentiful data that we have in the class.

I better go now, it is getting late. Oh by the way, my personal award arrived in the mail today. I will play with it and get familiar with it. When I know how to use it, I'll let you know what I got myself. I told you before that this blog would change once I got that award. Any guesses?

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  1. its nice to learn different languages actually