28 April 2006

A Geographical Analysis of My Workspace

This is my desk in the room in which I have an office. I share the room with two other graduate students, and so this is my office space. As you can see, I have plenty of stuff on the desk, especially at this time of the semester when I have a work in progress, where I am writing my final paper.

This is my valuable laptop. It is a SONY VAIO VGN-FS620P/W. All the brain babies pass through here. The current wallpaper I have is courtesy of Ben.run, who took the picture in a recent vacation of his. I was stunned by the rock formation so I requested a copy from him.

These are the books I have on my desk. I don't know if you can read all the titles, but most of them involve topics in Semantics, especially Temporal Semantics. Titles such as Aspectual Issues; Temporal Logic; Tense and Aspect; Logics of Conversation; Time in Language, among others.

There is a bookshelf behind me, which is, of course, filled with more books.

The titles include Aspectual Grammar and Past-Time Reference; The Structure of Time; Approaching Vagueness; Semantic Primitives; Grammar of Time Reference in Yukatek Maya, etc. Again, most of them dealing with the semantics of time.

There are also papers that I use as references. Some of these I have read before for a previous class, and some are papers in which I read for my current research. The three papers you see here are entitled Interpretation as Abduction; Temporal Interpretation, Discourse Relations, and Common-Sense Entailment; and Tense and Temporal Interpretation.

I have a blackboard next to my desk, so I can scribble diagrams and figures immediately if I am lazy to get a paper and write it. I also write my appointments in this blackboard, so I do not forget my appointments. So far it works.

This is a personal item I have, so that my desk won't look to mechanical and impersonal. This is a magnesium statue I got from Athens, when we visited that amazing city during the summer of last year. Now I noticed that one boob is a bit smaller than the other.

This is a clock that was given to me by my parents, I believe, they bought it when they were on vacation in London. This clock ticks, albeit softly. However, one of my officemates has a very sensitive ear, and it drives him crazy when he is alone in the room and he hears the ticking sound of this clock.

Finally, my morning coffee. I don't usually get a cup of coffee, but since it is the final week, and there is plenty of things to do, I need to be awake even though I don't get a full night's sleep. Like I said in a previous entry, I withdraw my sleep during the weekdays and then deposit it back in the weekends.

So that is the geography of my office. Any questions?

By the way, by now you must have known what my personal award is. Unless you are too obtuse...


  1. yung blackboard? weheheh! peace 'insan! ;)

  2. been out of sync lately, think i missed out a lot. hahahah i love the clock i have one like urs.

    u know LIW, was considering on going bk to school. after seeing ur pix on ur entry, it's like im in that place again. i can even smell the stench coming out of the cafeteria. i think ive got to plan that. watcha think?