18 April 2006


I don't know why but I feel so tired today. I was on the verge of dozing off in a few instances in some of my commitments today.

Maybe because I went cold turkey and graded all 60-something papers in two days?

By the way, I did something else to eliminate the load I have for the two weeks remaining: I finished all the readings that are supposed to be read for my classes. I downloaded all the PDF files and sat down in the library's couch, and read through all of them.

Here is the remaining things to do so far:

  • Write my Semantics 2 paper that will deal with the semantics of time in Tagalog. The specific topic would still be decided, I still need to polish my ideas.

  • Revise my RRG paper for publication. The due date for this one is way ahead, on May 31, but I want it finished before I leave for Prague, since I need to proofread it, and I don't know if someone will be able to do it in Prague.

  • Do my last remaining homeworks in Syntax 2 and Semantics 2. Both were given to me today, and I have until the Friday of the next week to finish it.

  • Grade two more batches of quizzes, which would take 20 minutes each, and a Final Exam for my TA class. The Final Exam is on the last day of class, which is May 1.

  • Finish the notes for my guest lecture that I will give this coming Friday.

  • Take the final exam for my Typology class, which will be on the Thursday of next week.

That is basically the itinerary for my two weeks of school that is still around. It would be over in a minute, but before that minute ends, whew.

I need Hypnos to cast a spell on me and fast-forward me to two weeks from now.


  1. Just dropping by to see how you're doing. And my oh my! You ARE super busy. ^^

  2. oo nga ate raqs, busy-busyhan ang pinsan natin. dapat ito sabitan ng medal eh. but on second thought, aanhin nya isa pang medalya eh baka dose-dosenang cabinet na ang awards nito. ;)

    btw, re: zambales, ang alam ko subic is part of olongapo. dunno if olongapo is within zambales. sabi ni hubby, part of angeles daw. ewan ko! hehehe! :)

  3. you never seem to ran out of things to do. look at me, im always in a hurry khit i have all the time in the world... natutuwa ako sayo ha.... thanks for wishing me well nga pala. anyway re: my april roster, i cant get to save it on my pc, there's a problem in the sys in our office that's probably why. anyway, nothin much to know. after this flt im grounded for a week in time for my recurrent training meaning every year we do this course on safety, security and first aid. it's a req just to refresh our memories and be more competent as a safety prof whenever we fly. another bit of FA info for u ha...