30 April 2006

The Linguistic Alphabet

I saw this list over TNChick's blog today, and, due to a late Sunday wake-up (I slept for nine hours straight, dreaming about Moscow, green worms, and my upcoming trip in between), I decided I'd go ahead and fill one in too.

So here is my alphabet, LIW style.

Accent: Mainly standard US English, with a little influence of Buffalonian flat A's and an occasional missing final R.
Booze of choice: Guinness Drought.
Chore I hate: None really. I have to do them anyways. If I'd hate them, I'd pass.
Dog or cat: None. I am not a pet person.
Essential Electronic: My laptop with an internet connection.
Favorite Cologne: Oh, plenty. What immediately comes to mind is Givenchy's Insense, YSL's M7, and Jean Patou's Voyageur.
Gold or silver: Not really into jewelry.
Hometown: San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines. This is a town south of Manila, about an hour drive from the capital.
Insomnia: No. Foreign word to me, unless I am jetlagged.
Job title: Graduate student, and starting this upcoming semester, instructor.
Kids: 0
Living arrangement: Living with a total stranger, but starting next August, I'll be living by myself in my own apartment.
Most admired trait: Punctuality.
Number of sexual partners: Now what would you do with this information?
Overnight hospital stays: None so far.
Phobias: Failure.
Quote: Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. - John Lennon
Religion: I do have a religion.
Siblings: I have one younger sister.
Time I wake up: Weekdays around 6:00 AM, weekends around 8:00 AM.
Unusual talent: Making my thumb touch the back of my forearm of the same arm.
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Beets.
Worst habit: Being unemotional.
Xrays: A couple of times, for a physical.
Yummy foods I make: Black Bean and Artichoke Burritos.
Zodiac sign: I don't believe in astrology.

There you go. In case you make one too, leave a comment and let me read yours.


  1. Informative... gonna make one for my blog..
    re: Unusual talent.. can't think of anything.... pero nde ko ma getshow u do urs. hahahahaha

  2. I hate beets too! blech.

  3. Unemotional - Sometimes, I wish I was....

    Failure? WOrt fear... interesting - you seem to be very good at success! :) Chin up.

  4. nice blog you have here.