08 April 2006

Magic Potion Needed

I am experiencing high intellectual traffic right now. That's why I haven't been updating regularly for the past week.

There are only three weeks left of classes, and yet I still have plenty of things to do. Why is it that there is just so little time?

I find it odd, and funny at the same time, to whine about the lack of time, when approximately one month ago, I was whining about the lack of motivation and initiative. Now, I have all the motivation, all the initiative, and all the intellectual prowess I need to write down my ideas into paper, but then the only thing lacking is time!

What do I have to finish in three weeks?

  1. I have a paper to begin writing: this is for my Semantics 2 class. I will write on the Tense Interpretation of Tagalog Stativizing Predicates.

  2. I have a paper to finish: this is for my Syntax 2 class. I am writing on the HPSG Analysis of Tagalog Stativizing Predicates.

  3. I have a paper to revise to satisfy my professor: this is for my Bilingualism class. I wrote about Pragmatic Interference Among Tagalog-English Bilinguals.

  4. I have a paper to revise to satisfy my anonymous reviewers: this is for the paper I am publishing in a journal. I wrote about the Pragmatic Focus and Word Order Variation in Tagalog.

  5. I have my last homework in Typology: I need to analyze the word order of a Tucanoan language in Colombia called Cubeo and its correlations to language universals.

  6. I have two more homeworks for Syntax 2.

  7. I have two more homeworks for Semantics 2.

I guess with all these tasks awaiting me, I'd die another day. I'm too busy as of now.

Anyway, I got some eye-tricking photos here. Hope you enjoy them.


  1. Those are really cool photos... I'm going to have to look at a few of them a little more. I really like the puzzle one.

  2. me too, i found the 11 faces!

    i enjoyed looking at them.

    and good luck to your To-Do list.

  3. The last pic appeals to me. Interesting illusion. :)

  4. I don't really get what u are to write but good luck LIW. I miss writing term papers though. ganun ba yun? anyway sorry for the late reply but re ur q': nope we dont need any visa whenver we go to a country we just have a general declaration form to which all the crew names are indicated. but for some countries like US, Russia, China and Japan (Japan we have a "shore pass" issued upon arrival valid for the duration of our stay and we have to carry it at all times and gve it bk b4 we leave the country) - they require us to have a "crew visa" apart from our own visa if we have one. The co. process our paper all we have to do is to gve our pic and ppt. :)

  5. i found 11 faces too...

  6. LIW, those are very cool photos!
    The faces are interesting - I found 9 as far. I will search later once more :-)
    Hope all is going well for you...