30 April 2006

My Backyard

Spring is definitely in the equation this time of the year. People are throwing frisbees in the air, girls are sprawling on the grass with their bikinis, and families are heating up their charcoal and doing barbeque.

Today, I did my regular weekly grocery shopping. This would be the second to the last occasion that I would do it, before I leave for Prague.

While I was walking back to my apartment, I saw the field that I pass by. And I noticed how green it was. So I rushed to my apartment, and came back and took a picture of it.

During the winter, everything was white, and the trees were barren. Now, the leaves are starting to sprout again, and so the trees are putting on their clothes back, only to be shed for the next winter.

I also saw some geese wandering around. These are the creatures that are responsible for leaving their business cards all over the pavement when Summer comes. They also are responsible for the noise that they make all day.

CAA!!! CAA!!! CAA!!!


  1. u know LIW i used to be teased (still am) yuri ducky because of the way i walk. lagi huli ang pwet. hahahaha...

    spring is nice, have u checked how's the weather in prague now? hope not too cold. safe flight okie. hope ul still update us though ur out there busy doing ur thing.

  2. Congratulations to your new camera and your first own photos! Very nice!

    My camera is always in my car if I am driving around. Often I see something interesting and spontanuously I shoot a photo...
    And be sure that the light is the most important factor in photos! The borest things are interesting with the right light.

    Have a nice Sunday.

    Wish you much joy with your camera