03 April 2006

New York City Trip Part 3: Concluded

Ah, Part 3.

So after I was able to fix my passport problem and submit my new passport to get a Czech visa, I walked down a couple of blocks to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I was supposed to meet a friend at noon. So I called her and she told me that she would be late for thirty minutes. No problem.

I just walked to Central Park, sat in a bench, and read my novel. Then a bird dropped its shit on my book! Fortunately, it was just a small drop, not a big bomber. I wiped it with tissue and, discouraged, I just took a stroll around the museum building. The building was big, so it took me thirty minutes.

At 12:30 PM, I sat in the steps leading to the entrance to the museum. Then my friend came. She used to be a classmate of mine in one class when I was still an undergraduate in University of the Philippines. Now she is a MA student in CUNY, while I am a PhD student in SUNY.

When she saw me, she remarked that I became thinner than what she remembered me to be. Well, I told her it was the product of my change in diet and exercise routine. I then offered to pay for her entrance fee in the museum, and so we spent the whole afternoon there.

We started from the second floor, scouring all the rooms and looking at all the art there is to look at. I loved the exhibit on musical instruments, and also their section on modern art. I can't believe that they have the originals of Jackson Pollack and Giorgio de Chirico! It was just amazing seeing those pieces of art in the flesh.

We were walking for two hours now and we weren't finished yet. So we sat down and chatted for a bit. Of course, while strolling inside the museum, we never stopped talking. We talked about my studies, her studies, her family, my family, her house, her commute, my roommate, my problems, her problems, etc. We laughed, we smiled, we sympathized. It was fun.

She needed to leave by 3:00 PM, but by 2:30 we weren't finished yet. In the meantime, she saw her old boss in Manila who happened to be in New York City touring the place. What a coincidence! So they chatted a bit and then they parted ways.

We progressed on our museum walk, but 3:00 arrived and still we weren't finished. So she got her bags from the cloak room, and we said goodbye to each other. I don't know when we would see each other again. But it was definitely a fun time seeing somebody from the past. She hasn't changed a bit, physically, but from her perspective, I did, since she said I lost weight. I don't know if it is a bad thing, due to the stress of my studies, or a good thing, as a result of my physical endeavours. I like to think it is actually good.

So she left the museum, but I was determined to finish the museum. So I did, walking into the rooms that I haven't been to before. It took me another hour to finish the task. So by 4:30 I left the museum, filled with my share of art.

I then decided I would just walk back to the bus station, since it was still early, and since I had about 6 hours to burn before my bus departs. Note that this is the same length as before, around 40 blocks, from 83rd Street to 42nd Street.

This time, instead of walking besides Central Park, I actually went in and traversed it, walking on the paths, together with people jogging, running, and whatnot. There were some eye-popping moments in Central Park though. The most eye-popping moment was when I saw a caregiver, dressed in her nurse outfit, together with a man, in a wheelchair. They were sitting in the bench, the man in his wheelchair and the caregiver on the bench. When I got close enough to see, I couldn't believe what I saw. They were making out! They were all over each other, exchanging in wet tongue-wrestling, in the middle of the day. Now that is something one doesn't see in Buffalo.

After an hour, I finally reached the opposite end of the park, and around 6:30, I felt hungry. So I went into a pizzeria and ordered myself a slice of pizza, a salad, and a drink. Problem solved.

I then went to the bus station, but I still had around 3 hours to burn. I just sat there and read my novel, but the people in the waiting room were interesting and curious. Some were homeless, and every thirty minutes, the NYPD would come and evict these people. It is a curious fact seeing these people there. Some were in denial, and even when some volunteer association or organization offers them shelter for the night, they deny that they need shelter. How sad.

Anyway, my bus finally parked on the gate, and we left New York City on time, 10:45 PM. We stopped in Syracuse and Rochester, on the way to Buffalo and Toronto. Unlike the bus going to New York City, there were no bad events this time. Everything was quiet. I didn't even get off the bus on the rest stops.

At around 5:30, I woke up, and the sun was just rising. I still had around 45 minutes of travel. The bus arrived at Buffalo Station at 6:25, and I took the taxi that would take me to my house. I arrived at my house at around 7:05 AM, took a shower, changed clothes, and attended my first class that starts at 9:00 AM.

Whirlwind trip eh?


  1. ang galing ng pagkaka-kuwento mo 'insan. para na rin akong nasa new york while reading all 3 parts of your trip!

    btw, nakita ko si ryna sa burol. funny nga coz sya pa nakakilala sa amin. nde ko siya nakilala! wow, ang sexy! i told her everytime nakakatabi ko siya eh feel ko na ang sexy-sexy ko talaga! :lol:

  2. very interesting memoir. makes me wanna stroll through central park too. and keep an eye for wheel chairs and nurses!

  3. The caregiver outfit was probably a fantasy fulfilled by the couple (yes, I have heard of odd things)...

    Ok, you did have a weird day...yet a very cool one :D!

    Well done, I am glad you participated in the Carnival :D!


  4. Max,

    Yeah, I was told that they were roleplaying. But then, what did I know about roleplaying back then?