11 April 2006


I just finished renovating my blog. I guess, I got tired of the dark browny hue of my former colors. Now, I am enjoying this three-column template.

Some good news today: I felt elated after passing my Syntax 2 paper this morning. I passed it at the end of the class, not really wanting to make a big deal out of it, but my adviser-slash-professor did. The scene goes like this:

Me: Here's my final paper.
Prof: Wait a minute! You can't do that! You'll freak these people out! (points to the rest of the class leaving the room, as it was the end of the class)
Me: Well, you told me before that I was being late by my standards!
Prof: Oh right! Now it's my fault! Aaarrgghh!

Anyway, after that, one of my classmates said, "Of you'll be so bored for the following weeks, you won't have any paper to do anymore!"

Oh well, now that it is done, I better move on to other tasks.

Did you know that I printed 870 pages today? That consists of three dissertations and two articles. I am planning to bring the dissertations to Prague so I will have reading and research material. I actually contacted the Department of Linguistics and Finno-Ugric Studies in Charles University in Prague, and asked them whether I could borrow their library facilities while I am there so I wouldn't waste my time doing nothing. After all, I'll be there for two and a half months.

This afternoon, I went and checked an apartment. It is currently being renovated, and I have seen the place, and all the things are new. It is a basement apartment, and the furnaces are new, and it is near to convenient shops. Unlike my current place, which is kind of isolated. And it is cheaper too! And it will be ready by August, when I fly back to Buffalo! Perfect!


  1. oo nga, nakakapanibago pero it's cool...cooler to the eyes rather.

    and finally, u finished your papers!

  2. Wow! A new template! Very nice!

    You are so busy with your studies - every time when I visit your blog I think: "My God, he beavers away..."

    Perhaps you will visit us in Würzburg too if you will be 2 1/2 months in Europe? If there is a possibility doing that then tell me...
    Presumably I will be in Würzburg the next months.

  3. mas ok itong bago mong template although mas artistic yung dati. ok ito kasi pwede kong i-open kahit sa opis kasi hindi halatang nasu-surf lang ako sa net.

    good luck sa trip at sa bagong apartment.

  4. wow! effort ka ha. and to think u have lots of things to do pa. Ano secret ng time management mo?

  5. LIW, here's the link since u accpeted the invitation to be my "friend". tell me if it doesnt work still.