13 April 2006

Skips, Hops, and Jumps

Ah, after renovating my blog, I don't show up for three days.

Well, there remains only two and a half weeks till the school year is over. At least, for us students. And that means there remains only four and a half weeks till I fly heading to Prague.

I got my passport, with my Czech visa, on the mail, yesterday. Finally, all my documents are set.

Why am I in the Lockwood Memorial Library right now? I am supposed to be in my class. Well, I still have a homework to finish, and a paper to start. I already finished all the requirements for that class that I skipped today. Oh, come to tink of it, this is my third time to skip a class this year. Technically, the fifth time, but two of those were because I was out of town and physically unable to attend the class. But the remaining three were moments when I am physically in the building, but due to some other work in other classes, I opted not to show up.

The first one was last semester, in Semantics 1. The other two are in this semester, both in Bilingualism class.

I think this just proves something, that I am human after all. No matter how good a rocket linguist I can be, if I don't have plutonium, then I wouldn't shoot up in the air.

It is starting to rain, I can see it spattering against the window next to me here in the fifth floor of the library. I love Spring, but the only thing I hate is the wetness. The rain. If it were snow, I wouldn't need to bring an umbrella. But if it were rain, then I need to bring one. But then, snow brings cold with it, so I guess it would be better to put up with this one.

Why are humans so hard to be satisfied? I guess that is the whole mystery of human nature.

I better get back to my work, since I cannot skip the class in the afternoon I am taking.

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  1. LIW, here's the link since u accpeted the invitation to be my "friend". tell me if it doesnt work still.


    I'm never happy when it rains too. I feel really depress and all.. I dunno something psychlogical i guess. i just dont want it gloomy and wet. Have a safe flight LIW, keep us posted ha. ;)