21 April 2006

Temporary Milestone


I am kind of happy right now.

I was able to finish two of my things-to-do today. I finished not only my Syntax 2 homework, but also my Semantics 2 homework. And guess what? They are due not tomorrow, Friday, but next week Friday! But I am passing them tomorrow!

I am so glad that I was able to get these two out of the way. I hate it when I have these minor things that are blocking somehow my creative juices for my paper-writing. The thing is, when I know that there is something that has a closer deadline, I tend to do that earlier than the one that has a farther deadline. But then, when I do that, then another one comes up, until the thing that originally had the fathest deadline is just around the corner and then I end up rushing my work.

Look at my research for my Qualifying Paper. I am supposed to read articles on the side for my research, but then I get nothing accomplished, because I have plenty of other things which have deadlines that take my time. That is why I am making use of this Summer. Not only am I sight-seeing, but also I am going to do research.

In order to do research, I contacted the Department of Linguistics and Finno-Ugric Studies in Prague's Charles University. However, it turns out that they are closed when I am there, so they referred me to the National Library of the Czech Republic. I checked out their online search engine, and it seems that every article and book that I need is in there. It seems that they have a copy of everything I need. Perfect!

Anyway, what else happened today? Ah, I received a copy of the lease that I will sign next week. I will read it over the weekend and then finalize it by next week, so that I won't be worried about where to stay by the time I get back from Prague.

So, as of now, these are the things on my agenda.

  • Write my Semantics 2 paper. I already am in the process of gathering the relevant data for this. All I need to do is complete it and formulate my ideas in a coherent manner. Although I have until May 10 to finish it.

  • Revise my RRG paper for publication before May 1. I want it done before May 1 so that I can let a friend of mine proofread it for content and stylistics. Although I have until May 31 to submit it for publication.

  • Guest lecture for a class. This will happen tomorrow.

  • Study for the Typology finals. This will happen Thursday next week, exactly one week from now.

This afternoon, after the award I mentioned yesterday, the lounge of the department was filled with people, drinking champagne. My office was next door, so I heard the commotion. I wished I could join them, but then I had more pressing things to do.


  1. im so impressed! im so bad at time management. i dont know, im kinda living the adage that "Auditors work better under pressure".

    right now, i have 6 items on my to-do-list and since they are not overdue, im lingering!

    have a nice weekend, and have a safe trip to Prague!

  2. what award? hmmmm... "this blog wouldn't be as it used to be" hmmmm.. im curious now ha. i ahve to agree with owen. i work better when i cram.

  3. You wish you could join them but then you had more pressings to do...

    LIW, I know these thoughts too. And I am changing right now my behaviour in such situations! If I really wish anything it's the most important thing in that moment doing it...
    Someone said to me some years ago:
    "Mostly you regret the things, you've never done!"
    He's right. In the meantime I know it too.

    But of course your truth might be another one...?