16 April 2006

Two Weeks of Hell

Two weeks left till the end of classes.

Two weeks left for me to finish up my academic responsibilities.

The following two weeks would be a sort of Hell Week for me. I still have a paper to start, a paper to revise, two homeworks to solve which aren't handed to me yet, quizzes to grade, a stack of papers to grade, an exam to take, and an exam to grade. All in the span of two weeks.

And yet, in the middle of the commotion, I still find time to blog and find temporary peace and comfort.

At least, all my non-academic worries are solved: I already have a visa, a ticket, and all the things I need for my flight to Prague, I also have my next apartment ready by August, I also have a subrenter to take over my old apartment so I wouldn't be bogged down by money, and I have a place to store my stuff while I am gone.

This afternoon, while in the bus, two weird people entered the bus. They were two girls, dressed exactly alike, with matching bags, hairstyles, sunglasses, shoes, stockings, everything. And their moves are so synchronized. They were all wearing black, except for the stockings, which were green. They move together, and it is as if they were robots. The only thing different with them was the flag embroidered on the back of their black coat. That was a weird encounter. Anybody know who they are?

1 comment:

  1. I wish you good luck for the next two weeks!
    Simply do things step by step...then you will accomplish all things well.

    And Happy Easter to you!
    Hope there will be some time for you enjoying the long weekend and smelling some fresh air too :-)