10 April 2006


Ah, what a productive day this Sunday was!

I finished my paper for Syntax 2 (finally)! Good thing I am still three weeks ahead of the deadline! I loved the smell of the printed page when it came out of my printer.

I also finished revising my paper for Bilingualism. So I will submit it to my professor and I hope he will be satisfied with the result.

Tomorrow, I will be looking at a prospective apartment that I might be renting. It is located near the South Campus, meaning I won't be isolated, unlike the current location I am in right now. Here, if one has no car, then one has difficulty in doing one's chores, like shopping and the like. If I find a place down near South Campus, then things would be more accessible.

Regarding the status of my countdown: as of tomorrow, there are only three weeks left till school is over, and there are only five weeks left till I depart for Prague.

I am so excited, I don't know what to say more.

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