03 May 2006


Remember the intellectual baby? Well, after a week of labor, and approximately 5 days of delivery, it was finally born. I finally finished my last paper for the semester, my paper for Semantics 2.

This is a view of the delivery room before the actual culmination of the birth.

And this is the view after the delivery.

What a change! I returned all the 40-something books that I checked out from the library during the past two months or so. Can you believe that I made 6 separate trips to the library to return my books! If they provided a pick-up service, then I would have gladly availed it!

So there you go, my semester officially comes to a close. What a relief. This completes my first academic year, earning 24 credit hours. I need 72 credit hours for the PhD program, so that means I have 48 to go.

I got hold of the class schedule that is printed every semester from the department. There it was, clearly, my name, in the very top, as the instructor of LIN 106. It doesn't reflect on the online schedule yet, but the department has it already.

Although the 2005-2006 academic year is over, summer is just around the corner, and that doesn't seem to signal relaxation. My adviser wants to meet with me to discuss my summer plans. That means he is expecting my summer to be productive. That means I need to work during the summer.

Well, I do have plans during the summer. I just don't know if I will be implementing it.

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