30 May 2006

Gearshift in Neutral

I know I know. I haven't been posting for a few days now. Well, I have my reasons.

First of all, I was revising my paper for publication for the past few days. The deadline for the final revisions is just around the corner, and so I needed to finish it before the next month knocks at the door. The weird thing is that I am still receiving comments from the anonymous reviewers even a week before the deadline. So I just have to speed up the revisions. But as of today, I am done, at least, if there are no other comments to come my way.

Aside from that, the weather here in Prague sucks, to a certain extent. The rain hasn't stopped since last week. The weather forecast is always rain. Actually, there is a flood watch on the river areas, so it's no joke.

So that means that I am here at home sitting, letting my 3-month Prague Transport Ticket go to waste.

By the way, this ticket is valid everywhere, from the bus to the metro to the tram, even to the funicular that takes passengers up the Petřín Hill. They say that it will close sometime this June for renovation, so I better go there or else I'll be forced to hike the long walk up the hill.

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  1. one of the reasons why i never like it when it rains! it spoils everything!