03 May 2006

Intellectual Baby

Today, I finally started delivery.

After in labor for more than a week, I finally sat down on the delivery room and started delivering my intellectual baby, my Semantics 2 paper.

As today was the first day without any more classes, and since I finished grading the final batch of exams last night, I had all the powers I had to sit down and start typing away.

And type away I did.

I sat down there in my office, and I produced so far, as of this afternoon, 9 pages of single-spaced information. And I haven't gotten to my analysis yet. So the horizon is slowly appearing. Pretty soon, if not tomorrow, then Thursday, I will have a baby delivered.

Two more days and let me have my freedom, which is long overdue.

How ironic it is, when everyone including myself wants this achievement, these three extra letters on the back of my name, but when it comes to the work, there goes these thoughts of wanting to be as far away from it?

Human nature, totally inexplanable.

1 comment:

  1. 9 pages in one afternoon...phew!
    It seems that you are extreme busy at the moment.

    But don't forget eating ice, enjoying the sun and flirting with girls cause it's springtime, LIW!