10 May 2006


Finally, I had a haircut today. I wanted so much to have a haircut, but then I wanted my look to be fresh when I arrive in Prague, so I delayed it until now. Here was I when I still had my long hair.

See that? Horrible eh? Having long hair is high-maintenance. One must put gel on it and part it carefully so that it would look good.

Now, this is when I cut it.

Hehe. Better eh? But I have to admit that when I had that long hair, and I didn't put gel on it, when I was taking the pictures of Baird Point and Lake Lasalle, and the wind was blowing on me, it felt good. It felt good having the wind run by and make my hair fly across my forehead. Oh well, that was just a fleeting sensation.

Here is when I apply gel on it and make the strands stand up, thereby having the spiky effect.

Nice eh? I had just arrived from the photo studio, since I had my ID picture taken. I needed some. Boy, the photo shops here are so Anglocentric. They don't know of other sizes than the 2x2 when it comes to passport size. Walgreens doesn't even know that there are other sizes for ID pictures. I had to go to a professional photo shop downtown who can take that special size. The size is what is known to many parts of the world as "passport size", 35x45 mm. Here in the US, "passport size" means 2x2 inches, because that is how their passports are. Hence, most photoshops only take that size and that size alone.

Hmm, a thought just occurred to me. Because I covered my eyes, I look like those underage Japanese girls in amateur porn. Those Japanese girls who would wear those very ultra short mini-skirts that are supposed to be uniforms, and then you'll find the middle-aged man fondling them, of course with their eyes covered. Ha! Don't ask why I know this, let's not go there.


  1. Hey, VERY strange photos! Why did you cover your eyes?
    Your haircut is nice though to my mind you look nice with "long" hairs too :-)

  2. i agree with susanne, bagay din sa yo yung long hair. dun sa short hair batang-bata itsura mo. tama ka parang yung mga japanese girls na naka school uniform. :P

  3. u couldn't have had said it any better. hahahaha at 1st i thought before and after picture of a beauty product. nde pala or some pedophile victim.. nde rin pala. but i love the hair much neater.

    smile LIW!