12 May 2006

Photo Haiku

Haha! I'm still here! But out of my apartment now. I am now in my friend's place, waiting for time to pass. I'll be spending the weekend here till I fly this coming Monday. Nothing noteworthy to blog about though.

I did take some photos, using some decor in my friend's place. I made an attempt to be a little bit dramatic, trying to use my artistic inclinations, if ever I have one. You be the judge. Tell me how you interpret what I have written, in context with the pictures.

So, without further adieu, here are some art, which I call:

Photo Haiku

Into the darkness
Pacing forward one by one
The scent leads the way

Gongs wailing yonder
My robe obeys Nature's call
Teacher watches me


  1. Wow, nice candles! I collect candles myself : )

  2. That's interesting!
    The connection of photos and poems is great. Continue your trials!
    And be courageous...
    You will find an individual style, I am sure.

    Have a good flight on Monday! I guess you have a notebook in your baggage and we will hear something of you after your arrival in Prague.

  3. Jairam,

    You must note that they aren't mine though. I just found it in my buddy's house.


    Thanks for the best wishes. I do have my laptop with me, and not only that, my digital camera! Yes, I'll be posting photos pretty soon.