26 May 2006

Prague in Black and White

Prague has been a favorite location for filming movies. Plenty of movies that require old Renaissance shots were filmed here, an example being Milos Forman’s Amadeus. So I tried to capture Prague’s finest scenes in the neighborhood of Vyšehrad, this time, in black and white.

Vyšehrad is a fortress south of the city center. The main centerpiece of the fortress is a huge church, but it was closed when I visited the fortress.

There are plenty of ways to approach the fortress. One of the ways to enter it is to walk through this secluded cobblestone path lined with tall trees.

If you reach the top, the outer walls actually are thick enough to walk over it. It has been made into a path that goes around the fortress, and gives the visitors a great view of the city, again.

On one end of the fortress, there is a small piece of land jutting out of the hill, and this makes into an open-air theatre. This is one side of the wall of the theatre, which also serves as a slope.

The Vyšehrad church has stunning architecture, and the stone sculpture that adorns all the sides of it simply is amazing. I will make a detailed post about the church later; for now, just enjoy a detail of the pillars of the front door.

This is a nearby well, used to store the water that was scarce in medieval times.

And another majestic view of the river, facing south. The Vltava River actually flows north, draining into the North Sea after passing through Germany.

This is a pathway that leads from the wall path to the road within the fortress.

This is a small church within the fortress grounds. Built in the 11th century, this is the oldest structure in Prague that is still standing. Again, I’ll make a detailed post about this one later.

I was playing with the lines here, trying to recreate non-Euclidian geometry. See the parallel lines? They all converge and meet in one dot in the middle eh? Euclidian geometry doesn’t permit that, since for Euclid, parallel lines never meet.

Here is another challenge to Euclid. Notice the cobblestones. Don’t dare to walk in high heels here, as they will be a pain.

Finally, the cemetery within the fortress. Famous people are buried here, and I have visited some of their graves. I will make a detailed post about this later as well, for now, just enjoy the mythical ambient feel that emanates from my shot.

So, anyone up for color?


  1. i like the 2nd-to-the-last pic of all. ang galing ng composition!

  2. Your bw photos are interesting too.

    The light is again the most important factor for bw!
    Light and shadow...
    Continue shooting bw photos sometimes - it's a good exercise.