16 May 2006

A Quick Update *hic*

What do you do if you find yourself one morning in Zurich Airport and you realize that there is a wireless LAN portal, and you have two hours to burn before your next flight? Yes! You blog!

So far, my trip has been smooth. Very relazing rather. I find it funny to see other people making a big fuss over nothing, panicking, and all the other interesting behavior by other people from all over the world. Anyway, I am on batteries now so I'll make it brief, but I promise to write a concise trip report later when I get to Prague.

In New York City, I had a 7-hour lay-over, so I went to a bar and had some Spinach and Cheese Quesadillas and a Guinness Drought. That was therapeutic, really. Then, while in the New York City to Zurich flight, I had a Heineken. Again, therapeutic. So, comparing the two beers, I still prefer my favorite, Guinness Drought.

Maybe, it was because of the two beers in my system that the photo below looks like this. Or perhaps that was how my optical perception worked.

This photo is actually a photo of the tunnel between Terminal E and the Airside Center in Zurich. I was in the very end of the train, and took that one as the train sped by.

So, till then, I'll see you all in Prague.


  1. Hurrah for Wireless!

    And have a good continuation of that trip, okay?

  2. LIW,

    I love that photo! It's great!!!
    It's mystical and the blurring adds the feeling of high speed...

    I guess I will read in the evening your long entry from your journey.
    In any case I am glad at the moment that you are safe in Prague!

  3. as usual, a very detailed story of your trip!

    that train pic was awesome! you captured the essence of a moving train. bravo!

  4. SNE,

    Yup, wireless definitely is a therapeutic way of dealing with your lay-overs.


    Thanks. It was a spur-of-the-moment photo. The couple next to me saw the tunnel, and they remarked that it was beautiful. I didn't see it at first because I was facing the other way, but then I heard them, took out my camera, and took a shot.


    Thanks. Again, like I said, di-sinasadya ang picture na iyan.