02 May 2006

Stop Thief!

Today was the last day of classes. And that last day initially turned out to be a not-so-good day. It was because of the burglary instance.

I arrived at my office at around 8:45 AM Eastern. The moment I opened the door and put my laptop bag on the chair, so that I could pull out the laptop and plug it, I noticed that something was missing. My wobbly clock was missing! Someone then must have came inside and took it!

Aside from me, there are a few other people who have access to my office. My two other officemates and the people from the department, and the cleaners who come every morning. I asked my other officemate, who happens to arrive a few minutes after, and asked whether he took it. He said no. My other officemate wasn't there yet. So I told the department office that something was missing from my office.
They told me to report it to the Assistant to the Chair, who then told me that she is willing to call Campus Police so they could take a statement from me. I told her then that I would wait for my other officemate to show up, and if it is negative, then I would give the go signal to call the police.

Then because of that, I could not concentrate for my Semantics 2 class, which was from 9:00 to 9:50. Nothing entered my brain. I thought that I shouldn't leave important stuff there from now on. In the past, I left my laptop once in a while, whenever I would watch a movie in the student theatre and it is too late to carry my laptop over to my apartment. Now I thought I wouldn't do it anymore.

After my class, I asked the department for the home number of my officemate, which I then called. While calling, nobody was picking up, when another classmate told me that she found my clock. She knew because I practically told everyone I knew in the hallways that something went missing from my office. So due to word of mouth, she came to know.

Guess what? I found it in the closet in the adjacent room, which was the department lounge. Why was it in there?

Apparently, my other officemate moved it. This other officemate, great though as he is, has a very keen sense of hearing. If I have a very keen sense of smell, he has the equivalent in his ears. And my clock ticks. Apparently, it ticks louder when everything else is silent. And he cannot concentrate if that is the case. So he put it in the next room, which was the lounge. He put it on top of the cabinet. But guess what? He could still hear it! So he put it inside the closet. And basically, he forgot to put it back when he left for home.

So the next morning, I went panicking, and I was really very close to calling Campus Police and reporting the loss. I would have blamed the innocent cleaners who come every morning, schizophrenic though as he (or she, I don't know, he/she seems androgynous) is.

So here comes my officemate, profusely telling me that he is sorry for the incident.



  1. that's a good story. me too, i have a problem with noisy clocks. very hard to sleep. i don't mind the noise from an electric fan or aircon but the tik-tac from clocks's so annoying. how difficult is it for clock makers to minimize or remove the sound?

  2. reading the 1st part of ur entry, i already knew who took it (A Geographical Analysis of My Workspace). ur officemate who hated ur clock for ticking ever so loudly (accdg to him). he's like the capt. hook of ur office. hahahaha, i can be a nancy drew sometimes. hahahaha