11 May 2006

Vacation Mode

Today is the last day that I will be staying here in my apartment, where I have the convenience of an internet connection. Tomorrow morning, my stuff should be packed, sealed, and shut ready to be transported to my temporary abode for the weekend. Then I will fly out of Buffalo the next Monday.

Today I ran the final errands I had to do before I leave. I went to my department office for the last time and received my paycheck, then I went to the bank to deposit it, so that I wouldn't worry of the deadline of the check passing. Good thing the clouds had been holding their baggage, because the moment I arrived back home, the rain fell.

Now I am washing the final batch of my dirty clothes, then I'll iron and fold them, and sort them into the clothes that I'll be bringing and the clothes that I'll be storing. Then I'll seal my iron as well.

I was supposed to go out and capture some more photos, but the weather wasn't friendly, so I declined the urge.

These are some photos from the other day still.

I like this photo. I was on the bridge that connects a small patch of land that serves as an island in Lake Lasalle, when I saw the mother duck with her ducklings.

Another photo of the duck family.

These are again some photos of the animals that abound in my environment. On dry land...

On the water...

One goose that didn't dare budge. I was just a few feet from this guy.

White birds... I don't know what they are called though...


So, I'll be out of town from this point on. I'll be posting when I have the chance, but not as frequent as before. Hang on there, I'll be back.


  1. Will miss reading your posts.
    Chal ka-tta-wa! It means safe journey in Korean...

  2. awww... una si k, the ikaw.. awww... will miss u! safe flight LIW!

  3. quack quack .... tagal na hindi ko nakapag visit... hapi paglilipat!!