10 June 2006

Malá Strana Part II: Nerudova

Nerudova is the street that is part of the Royal Way, the stretch of road that is the route for the parade of the kings and queens from the Old Town Square to the Prague Castle. This is the street in Malá Strana that is filled with shops and other picturesque buildings.

This is the shot of Nerudova from Malostranské Náměstí, or Little Quarter Square. This square is where the church of my former entry was located. See the incline? This is because the path is slowly going up to climb the castle.

As usual, the streets and the sidewalks are paved with cobblestones.

Aside from shops, a number of embassies are located here. In this picture, the embassies of Italy and Romania are visible. Can you find them?

I really love non-Euclidean pictures, like this. This is near the end, near the place where there is a staircase that would eventually lead to the castle.

Ah, Dům U Dvou Slunců, or House of Two Suns. See the emblem at the facade? That is why this house is named so. What is important for this house is the fact that the Czech poet Jan Neruda lived in this house for quite a long time. Why do you think the street name was Nerudova in the first place?

This is the midpoint where there is a staircase that would go to the castle (not pictured) and the street. If one continues on to the end of the street, one would reach Strahovský Klášter, or Strahov Monastery, which now houses part of the collection of the National Gallery.

Of course, given the height, there is another fantastic view of the city at the end.


  1. 1st glance i thought those pix were taken in intramuros.. hehehe

  2. OO nga Yurs, reminds me of Intramuros.
    LIW, everytime I visit your blog, para narin akong nagtravel, galing mo!

  3. hi LIW. ever since i've read in a magazine that a supermodel (i'm not sure if it was naomi) consider prague as her favorite place in the world (and we all know how supermodels travel!), and when i had a guest once who also said that this is one of his favorite cities, i just know that i have to add this to my list of places-to-go-to should i have the, ehem, funds.

    in the meantime, i will just have to resort to enjoying your photos.

  4. Yuri,

    Ganun ba? Nakakahiya, hindi pa ako nakapunta sa Intramuros. Pambihira ano, nakarating na at lahat sa Prague, sa Intramuros hindi pa. Huhuhu...


    That's the purpose naman ng blog ko during the summer eh, travel blog mode muna. Vicarious tourism kung baga.


    Enjoy the photos all you want. It's my pleasure that people like what they see. And definitely visit this amazing and enchanting city if you have the chance, you'll never regret it.