22 June 2006

Národní Technické Muzeum

The museums here in Prague have a special day every month in which the entry is free of charge. Usually, it is the first Monday, the first Tuesday, or whatever day they prefer, and it is different for every museum. So one first day of the week, which happens to escape my mind as of this moment, I went to the Národní Technické Muzeum, or the National Technology Museum.

There are plenty of exhibits, from old clocks, to old cars, to old bicycles, to astronomical devices. So it was fun seeing artifacts from the past. Needless to say, there isn't any detailed story about the museum. So all I am doing here is post some of the plenty of interesting pictures I took while inside.


  1. Wow! I love vintage :) I hope to see Prague one day LIW.

  2. forgot the term... ano ba tawag dyan sa designs na yan and now used sometimes cartoons and movies. ex. skycaptain and the world of tomorrow.. hmmm help!

  3. buti you were allowed to use your cams inside the museum, i went to a museum last week in sydney and they forbid us from taking pics.

    btw, nice effects (mono and sepia) you did with those pics. they relay their being a vintage perfectly.

  4. jairam,

    Prague is waiting for you... It's an awesome place, but two and a half months of Prague can be a bit tiring. Sometimes, the sights are like (insert favorite art movement here) on steroids.


    I know what you're referring to, pero hindi ko rin alam yung proper term for that...


    Iba iba ang policies nila dito. In Vienna, they allowed the photographs, as long as there is no flash. Here in Prague, most of the churches do not allow photographs inside, and the art galleries don't allow it either, but the other museums allow it as long as there is no flash. Buti na lang may high-sensitivity ISO yada yada ang digicam ko.