13 June 2006

Petřín Part I: Bludiště

Petřín is the name of the hill on the western side of the Vltava River, south of the castle. It has several attractions to it, and one of it is the Bludiště, or the Mirror Maze.

The Bludiště was built about a century ago, for the 1891 Prague Exposition. Entrance to the compound is 40 Kč for adults and 30 Kč for children and students. It is not a long maze, but the mirrors and the effect of the hexagon-shaped poles and the sides that are made of mirrors can sometimes confuse the visitor.

Near the end of the maze, there is also a distortion room, where there are mirrors that the horizontally-challenged people might like, because instead of looking fat, then look the other way around.

The following are pictures of my adventures inside the Bludiště. I believe that at least part of my body is visible in every picture. Look for the photographer!

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