05 June 2006

Vyšehrad Part II: Rotunda sv Martina

Rotunda sv Martina is the first building that would greet visitors if they chose to enter Vyšehrad through Leopold Gate. Rotunda sv Martina, or Rotunda of St. Martin, was built in the 11th century, and is the oldest surviving structure here in Prague. It is a small chapel built by Vratislav II.

The plaque at the entrance testifies to its age.

The door however, is not that old. This chapel was renovated in the 1880s and so it is not as old as the structure itself.

My ever-reliable guidebook tells me that there are frescoes inside, but it is not open to the public, so all I can do was gaze at the structure from the outside. This is a worm's-eye view to the structure.

And another one.

There is a small incline that surrounds the small chapel, so I took a photo from there, thus one can see how small this chapel is.

And from the other side.

Admiring the chapel is free, since the entrance to the fortress of Vyšehrad is free as well.


  1. ang ganda parang mini castle from toys r us. hahahaha

  2. I like the worm's eye view mostly!
    And your photos are great, like always.
    The chapel is interesting - so tiny and old. Perhaps you can go inside another time? It's surely interesting too.

  3. beautiful & quaint structure. looks very much like Paco church.