07 June 2006

Vyšehrad Part IV: Kostel Svatého Petra a Pavla

Kostel Svatého Petra a Pavla (Church of Saints Peter and Paul) is the church that is found on the very middle of Vyšehrad. It is a church in the Gothic style. However, it is unfortunate that it is closed to the public when I visited the place. So all I can do here is share the pictures that I snapped while loitering around the church grounds.

This was the scene on the approach to the church. If one will go to the church treading on the main pathway, then the church would be facing to the other side.

I went around to the front, and snapped the Gothic twin towers that the church is famous for.

The facade is so tall it doesn't fit into my frame.

I like these worm's-eye views; it just makes your hair stand up and lets you feel how small you are.

This is a detail of the intricate sculpture that adorns the front of the church. I wonder why there are thirteen apostles sitting around Jesus instead of the usual 12.

A view of the church from the garden next door.

Another worm's-eye view.

Finally, the road on the side of the church, that leads back to the gate of the fortress. This is the colored version of one of my previous shots.

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  1. hi LIW!

    I've been missing so many of your entries. My feed was not working well :(

    You're finally in Prague. I would love to visit that city.It has a certain charm and appeal.