29 July 2006

Kutná Hora Part II: On to Vlašský Dvůr

After visiting the church of bones, we walked to the town center to visit other sites. I promise that none of the following pictures would be as macabre as the previous ones.

After a twenty-minute walk, we reached the town centre, with its typical Czech-style colorful buildings.

We went on a holiday, so there weren't a lot of people around. See the cobblestoned streets.

Another shot of the idyllic town.

The town center, with its decent food establishments and a lone fiacre waiting for tourists to chauffeur around.

The Italian Court, or Vlašský Dvůr. This was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for its architecture and historical importance in Czech history.

A wall outside, reminding us of the Florentine style of architecture.

The outer wall is largely reconstructed, with original parts in its original color.

The courtyard. Notice the different colors of the pillars. The darker ones are the original stones, while the lighter ones are the reconstructed portions of the building.

The protruding window.

And the balcony, with the low-hanging door, just enough for the short-heighted emperor to go out and view his courtyard.

Finally, the view of the Bohemian countryside at the back of the building.

My next entry would show pictures of the magnificent interior of this building.

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