31 July 2006

Kutná Hora Part IV: Chrám sv. Barbory

This final post about Kutná Hora will deal about the Church of St. Barbara.

The Church of St.Barbara, as the name indicates, is dedicated to St. Barbara, the patron saint of miners. It is said that the church is worth visiting for the architecture, so we strolled from the Italian Court to the church.

On the way, we passed this Church of St. Jacob, a Romanesque church. See how bland the design is, compared to the church that we will see later, which is in the Gothic style.

This is a small alley that we passed on the way to the church. The name of the alley escapes my memory, but it is the name of a girl who was buried by her father alive, due to some small mistake.

This is a former Jesuit college that is across the church of St. Barbara. Now it is an abandoned structure.

Here it is, the Gothic church. Notice the spires on the side, again, a perfect place for human barbecue.

The other side.

And another side.

The front.

Again, the front, from afar this time.

Unfortunately, as with most of the other churches here in the Czech Republic, taking photographs inside the church is forbidden. But I can assure you that the inside of this church was a feast for the eyes, due to the amazing frescoes it had.

Finally, it is time to return home, and we rode this small single-car train to go to the main station, then we transferred to the express train back to Prague.

By the way, this will be my last travel post. I am flying back to Buffalo this coming Tuesday. Time to go back to my routine, eh?

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  1. hi kuya miss mo na ba ako ikaw miss ko na ako tuloy ang naghugas ng pinggan ok hope you have a safe trip back home