26 July 2006


I think I have had enough of tragedies. So after Terezín I went to Mělník.

Mělník is a town found on the north of Prague. It is famous as the place where the Czech wines are manufactured. So I went to a chateau that had a wine cellar. I also visited the chateau but they forbid me from taking pictures. The interior though, is amazing. Oh well. One must respect the laws of the host, eh?

This is the "town gate" should I say. I walked from the bus station to this tower, and after going under this tower, I found myself in the town square.

This is a typical town square for a Czech town. The square is lined up with the medieval-style houses that are painted with bright colors. I ate my packed lunch here, while enjoying the breeze.

I then reached the chateau, which was on the edge of the town. The back of the chateau offered this spectacular view of the rivers Vltava and Labe that part from this point.

So, on to the tour. Underneath the chateau, there is a place where one can find small barrels of wine.

And large barrels of wine.

Contrary to the optical illusion, the cellar is pretty dark. The only reason it seems so bright is because of the flash. This is some corner where the wine is being processed.

The pressing vat where the grapes are pressed. How redundant. I mean, the sentence.

Some more barrels. Notice the interesting creature on top of the big barrel.

I found this small enclave within a wall, filled with opened and closed bottles of wine. If not for my flash, I would have no idea what the enclave looked like, because it was total darkness. Seeing this, I would have second thoughts when drinking wine.

After the visit to the cellar, I visited this church, just next door. The reason was because this had an interesting ossuary, or crypt.

Yes, the crypt housed tons of bones, human bones. These were the bones of the people who died in the medieval plague.

Care to have bones for your wallpaper?

By the way, if you find boned interesting, then wait till I post pictures of my trip to Kutna Hora, which is another Bohemian countryside.

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  1. the first few pix masaya, pagdating sa huli, bungo na naman! dapat siguro forensic scientist ang pinasok mong propesyon.

    actually, to be honest, i'm also interested in historical stuff. kung makapunta siguro ako sa europa, hahanapin ko rin yung mga lumnang castles at pupuntahan ko yung mga torture chambers at catacombs.