12 July 2006

Pražský Hrad Part VII: Prašná Věž

Prašná Věž is the Powder Tower, used in the Medieval Period as a storehouse of gunpowder. It was built in the 15th century as an added defense to the castle.

In order to get there, I had to pass thru the left side of the church, and into this lovely street. Now it is lined with restaurants that have castle-high prices.

I definitely am amazed at the restoration work that they have done in this part of the castle. The age does not show, but the ambience is definitely there.

Here is the Prašná Věž. Inside, it now houses a not-so-memorable museum about wars and life in the castle. But since my ticket included an entrance to this, so I might as well visit it.

Here is the staircase that winds in weird directions, which I climbed in order to reach the different levels of the tower.

And here it is, the inside. Filled with metal toys and dioramas detailing life in war, it ate up a good thirty minutes of my time in the castle. If you have a tight schedule though, you can miss this.

Finally, history has it that once upon a time, there was a crazy Swede who was able to infiltrate the tower. He didn't know that the tower was being used for a gunpowder storehouse, so he once lit a fire and KABOOM! The whole structure went up, detached itself from the ground, and went down again, without destroying the structure. I find it a very tall tale, yet tourguides mention it whenever there is a Swede that visits the place.

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