24 July 2006

Terezín Part III: Crematorium and Entrance to the Malá Pevnost

So we are starting to delve into the horrendous part of Terezín. In this post, I am going to post pictures of the cemetery and the Malá Pevnost, or Small Fortress.

The cemetery is located south of the town, about ten minutes walk from the Columbarium. The cemetery includes the Crematorium, which is a small yellow building that is equipped with six large furnaces, where they burn the dead bodies, whose ashes we have seen in the last post. Unfortunately, it is forbidden to take pictures of the crematorium, so pictures of the cemetery are what I was able to take.

There are different sections inside the cemetery. It is differentiated by means of the different styles of the tombstones that were used. As you can see, this section is different from the section on the previous picture.

This is an aqueduct that connects the Small Fortress to the main part of the town. I passed through this walkway to go to the Small Fortress, where all the horrendous things happened about fifty years ago.

This on the other hand is the most beautiful cemetery in town, due to the fact that they planted roses in between the tombstones. There is actually a water sprinkler that is turned on in order for the roses to bloom.

The entrance to the Small Fortress. In this post, I will post only exterior shots, the interior shots which are more dramatic would be shown on a different post.

This is the Terezín version of the famous Nazi slogan. Unlike Dachau, it is not written in wrought iron, it is simply painted above the wall.

This is a typical courtyard of the Small Fortress. The insides of the buildings are living quarters of the prisoners.

And these are the cubicles that are reserved for prisoners that are under solitary confinement. I went inside one of these and indeed it was very claustrophobic.

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  1. Your photos of Terezin are so impressive and you really have captured the sad and depressing spirit of that location in your pictures!

    Honestly said I HATE the Nazis for all what they have done with Jewish people : Can you believe that there still exist some old - I guess Nazi - people in Germany that say: "There was no holocaust! Nothing else but lies!"
    Fortunately they become extinct...

    Imagining the situation and atmosphere in Germany in the 30's and 40's is even for us "young" German people nearly impossible:
    Understanding the mechanism that leaded to concentrate camps is irreproducible for me and most others. We are standing as bewildered/stunned as foreigners in such locations like Terezin asking us helpless: "How could that happen???"
    We feel ashamed. We are sad.

    It's the very darkest chapter in our history.