02 July 2006

Vacation Fatigue

Someone has reminded me through a comment that he has been missing the old Memoirs of a Linguist. Fair enough, for the past one and a half month, this blog, which used to feature the drama of a graduate student, has turned into a travel blog, featuring pictures of Prague and its vicinities. So it is just natural enough that people would wonder whether I would let go of the camera. I have also heard reports from other readers that they are complaining because of the long and lengthy amount of time it takes for this page to load, given the fact that they are still using primitive connection methods, such as dial-up.

So, for this post, I decided to abandon the camera for a second and instead post about me.

As you can see on the entry title, yes, I am having vacation fatigue. Let's face it, two and a half months is simply too long. I have one more month to go, and I am simply excited to go back. I think I have seen everything that can be seen in Prague, save for a few places here and there that I am not interested in. Being the functionalist that I am, I know that my purpose here in Prague is to take a vacation, and I think I've already done and satisfied that purpose. I am ready to move on.

To illustrate, I have already taken more than 1,800 shots. What you see in the previous posts are just highlights of it. I have been to more places than a tourguide friend of my folks have been.

Anyway, so the lesson learned is: never take a vacation for more than a month. It would make you want to take a vacation from your vacation.

Speaking of vacations: I don't know, I guess I am addicted to traveling, so I am actually planning another vacation, around summer next year, alone. I would go backpacking in an undisclosed location. I'll let you know the details as it would materialize.

Ah, another reason I am refraining from posting personal happenings is because I am living with my parents during my vacation. And it happens that my mother is my Number One Fan with regard to my blog. I hate to have live commentaries after a reading of my posts. I could handle her commentaries if she does it through chats or e-mails of offline messages, but not live.

So, there you go, my personal update. I'll continue on posting highlights of my trip, I don't know how long it would take, but don't worry, you'll see the old MOAL pretty soon.


  1. okay, will wait for more updates then :) enjoy your vacation!

  2. You make me smile, LIW...
    ...and your post today is funny.
    Hope you enjoy your vacation in Prague nevertheless - at least I like all your photos and stories!

  3. how about backpacking downunder to aussie and nz? will definitely be very different from prague or anywhere in europe. just a thought.

  4. ang haba nga ng bakasyon mo. ako naman dito, patapos na ang sem. nag-aayos naman ng mga ipapasa. tapos, uwi muna ako sa atin, isang buwan. makikipyesta sa davao at magnininang sa beybi ni ibyang =)
    tapos na ba ung baon mong dissertations?