25 August 2006


*flashes big smile*

Hehe. Today I had been to the dentist again for the latter half of my routine prophylaxis procedure. I was then again given a clean bill of dental health. I love the feeling of my mouth, after going to the dentist. I feel like my teeth and my gums and my oral muscles have just been overhauled and loosened up, and everything is so clean again. So I can flash that big smile again.

But on second note, I almost forgot, my front teeth are a bit protruding, so sometimes they look like rabbit's teeth. Well, not as radical as that, but close.

When I was about 11 or 12 years old, the dentist noticed the protrusion. Apparently, I have extra-large front incisors, so she recommended braces for me. But back then, apparently, they have to pull out two teeth from my molars or somewhere, so that there would be room when the teeth were pulled back. But I had no bad teeth, no cavities, and so we were reluctant to have those two teeth pulled out, just to have a straight smile. So I didn't go ahead with the braces.

I guess that is why I developed the eccentric mysterious aura. Because I don't smile much. I actually like it when people I don't know think that I am a mysterious person. I used to wear all black attire back in college. Some sort of gothic fashion. Then the gothic fashion turned into preppy gothic (a mixture of Goth and private school fashion), and now, I guess it neutralized a bit.

Anyway, back to being clean. I loved the clean feeling in the mouth. Only that I had to endure a half-hour of the invasive procedure of having your teeth cleaned. And what makes it worse is the rubber gloves that the hygienist was using. It smelled too much of rubber, like the smell of those cheap flavorless condoms.

Speaking of smell, I wonder why certain types of people smell more than others. Here in my university, there are plenty of people who come from certain parts of the world. And I wonder why they are more prone to have a different nose-turning smell, than others. Is it their diet? I mean, it's early in the morning, and they already smell.

I am not singling their ethnicity for this. Well, in Prague, people smell too. Especially in the summer. In Japan, people smell too in the summer, because they take their baths in the evening not in the morning. So they wake up, and straight from the bed they just get dressed and go out the house.

Oh well, I'd stop this entry or else I would be labelled as having a smell fetish.


  1. "...like the smell of those cheap flavorless condoms."

    I think you are telling that out of a personal experience LIW lolz! Kiddin!\

    I'm into clean teeth and smell as well. Actually, this tuesday I'm going to my dentist for cleaning.

    Speakin' about smell, I think it has something to do with the food or diet. Kasi yung mga mahilig sa curry or spicy food, they kinda smell like that as well.

    Teka baka pagkamalan rin akong may fetish dito hehe!

  2. i love going to the dentist too, konti lang ang tulad natin he he. of course, I need to visit him regularly for my braces adjustment.
    love your new color LIW.

  3. I remember wanting NOT to eat anything after having my teeth cleaned by the dentist. Like you, I my mouth feels so clean ( and new!).

    on smell: I also think it has something to do with one's daily diet. I don't know the direct relation but it's just a hunch :)

  4. hey! i also went to the dentist last week for my scheduled prophylaxis.

    i love and trust her (my dentist). she's been my dentist since high school days... put my braces, then retainers, now she's also hubby's dentist.

    heck, she was also one of our principal sponsors! :lol: