22 August 2006


Ah, what a way to start the week. I ran quite some small yet important errands yesterday and today.

Yesterday, I slept in. I originally intended to wake up at 6:00 to be early in the office, yet I gave in to temptation. So I woke up at 9:00 instead, thus, when I was in the bus stop waiting for the bus to go to North Campus, there were plenty of people, mostly new students, waiting to board. I thus wasn't able to catch a seat. But everything changes once the Fall schedule for the bus is implemented this Thursday, when there would be more buses to run the route. Ah, my decision to wake up late definitely is connected to my not being able to sit in the bus.

I also got a haircut yesterday. The usual short flattened buzz. Short on the top yet shorter on the side so I can spike the top if I wanted to. I was supposed to get a haircut this Friday but I opted to get it earlier so when September comes, when I have an event that I need to look good, then it would be long by then to warrant another haircut. After all, I cut my hair every five weeks. So the September event is definitely connected to my having a haircut earlier.

I also went to the optical shop yesterday. I had my eyeglasses fixed. The screws were coming out and so the connections were getting a little wobbly. He fixed it and added glue on it so the screws wont come off anymore. It cost me a dollar. Having a frameless eyeglass looks good, but it needs more service. So my desire in having a frameless eyeglass last year definitely is connected to my going to the optical shop yesterday.

I went to the dentist today. I had my periodic dental cleaning. And it seems that my gums bleed easily, which means I am on the verge of gum disease. Good thing I already went to the dentist. They want me back this Friday to finish off the procedure. I on the other hand needs to add flossing to my teeth care routine, something which I haven't been doing before. So my not being regular in flossing definitely is connected to my two visits to the dentist.

I had my print-outs photocopied today. These are the batches of print-outs that I will use on my class for the first week. They are fresh from the press. These included the syllabus, the student bio-data, and the first lecture. The part where it says office hours for my undergraduat teaching assistant says "To be Announced" because as of now, she hasn't returned my emails yet. So her ignoring my correspondence definitely is connected to her office hours being TBA.

But then, of course you know that. Unless you the reader has no logical aptitude.

This is a handout I am giving to the students for their first lecture. This is the International Phonetic Alphabet. Roughly, this is the inventory of all the possible speech sounds there is. Of course, the variants of each sound is not given here, and there are languages who have more than what is shown here. But for my purposes, this will suffice.

I went to my classroom yesterday. Since it is a technology room, it has a work station that is guarded with a combination lock. I got the combination and so I practiced opening it. While I was there another woman, another instructor, went in, and did the same thing as I did. We both did a dry-run on how to use the equipment. And I guess I'll be seeing more of her since she will be using the room after I used it. I have it for Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays every 9:00-9:50 and she has it for 10:00-10:50. So if I do something wrong, she'll be the one to complain.

To end this entry, I decided to change my music to a video by the band Strata, entitled "The Panic". I like the video, I wonder where they shot it, possibly in Italy. It just shows how everything is connected, how every second changes everything.

Possibly, the fact that you're reading this entry changed your future. After all, every second changes everything.



  1. You've been posting for quite awhile now that you are teaching, of course it is connected with linguistics (duh), but was it in Buffalo U where you are taking up your PhD? Anyway, for a 24 year old and a prof of a university, that says a lot of things and one of them is DARN GOOD!


  2. Jef,

    You're correct. I am a Ph.D. student and at the same time an instructor here in U @ Buffalo. I was granted a full scholarship, so I don't pay tuition. On the other hand, I pay by rendering services, like being a teaching assistant (like last year) or being an instructor for entry-level classes (like this semester). Either way, it's a win-win situation, since I get the "experience" and that makes another bullet in my CV.


  3. galing talaga ng kuya ko manang mana ka sa tatay at nanay mo ehehhehehehe Good Genes