19 August 2006


Humor, oh humor. What a great way to unwind after you're sitting down the whole day working, aye?

Today, I did the usual, prepared my class, and all that. By the way, I was in a meeting with a faculty member, and he approved my syllabus without question. Basically, the meeting was to assure the department that I won't be doing a lousy job in teaching the class.

Anyway, since it is a Friday, let me give you some humor which made me laugh.

Apparently, a TV show in Australia made a prank about airport security. The show booked domestic tickets under the names of Al Kyder and Terry Wrist, and after printing the boarding passes which was done thru a kiosk, they deliberately refused to board, thus the names would be called thru the P.A.

Watch this hilarious video and read more about the incident on this article by the Sydney Morning Herald.

I enjoyed this one.


  1. I watched the video.

    nice one . lol :D

    have a great weekend.

  2. ang galing! panalo! hahaha!

  3. Hahaha...really funny! Some people just have the overflowing creative juices to create something like this. Gosh...I wish I have it also :-(

  4. wow, that's a serious prank! hahaha! i just hoped it didnt caused any delays on the flight.

    Have a nice weekend LIW!

  5. Haha, very funny! The video is great! And the idea too.

    I like the new outlook of your site, LIW! Red is the color of love as you know...

  6. sabi nung isang nag-comment red is the color of love so paano yan in love ka na ba basta huwag parang female version ni sherk ha hehehehheheheh