03 August 2006

I'm Back

Ok. Just so everyone knows that I am back. Yes, I am back in town, back in Buffalo.

So, let me tell you of my trip back home, sans the photos, unfortunately.

I left Prague International Airport at 9:40 AM, on a flight heading to Zurich. Next to me sat a Japanese lady who I chatted with for the entire flight. She works as a travel assistant: she is employed by a Japanese travel company, and she accompanies the Japanese clients on their trips abroad. Many Japanese cannot speak English well enough, so she does the work for them. She assists them in hotels, tours, and other communication matters. She has been to every inhabited continent, accompanying the Japanese clients.

Anyway, as she was flying to Tokyo while I am flying to New York City, we parted ways in Zurich. After going through the security checks in Zurich, I boarded my plane for New York City. Fortunately, I got exit row seats, so I was able to stretch my legs and not feel cramped. After 8 hours, we touched down in JFK.

The immigration in JFK was the usual. An hour of queueing before you get to speak with the immigration officer. No hassles this time, the only question he asked me was "What is the purpose of your trip?" to which I replied that I am a student. After that, the fingerprints, the photograph, and a resounding "Welcome to New York" then I was let inside the country again.

I picked up my bags in the carousel and cleared customs. An Air Jamaica flight touched down at the same time as my flight, so I was together with plenty of passengers carrying Jamaican rhum. One Jamaican family had plenty of suitcases, so when they exited the Arrivals Hall, I heard someone say "Someone brought the whole country with them." Yeah right.

I then hauled my baggage to Terminal 6 (my former flight was at Terminal 4) and checked my bags at the JetBlue counter. I was annoyed at the baggage handler that checked my baggage. After attaching the stickers, he just lifted my two baggages and threw them at the moving ramp. Hello! I know that my baggage are heavy, and I know that he picks up plenty of baggage every day, but my baggage are not a pair of weights that one jerks up from the ground and then throws them immediately afterward. I saw him do the same thing to the former passenger as well. Thus I sent JetBlue an email of complaint.

My troubles started when I was waiting for my last flight. My last flight from New York City to Buffalo got delayed. Well, every plane got delayed. I was supposed to depart JFK at 8:30 PM but as of that time, we were still not boarding. Apparently, there was a radar outage in JFK so no plane was able to land and take off. So after two hours, we were able to board. Our plane waited for a long time in the tarmac to take off. At around 10:10, we were still waiting for the go-ahead signal for take off. By the way, 10:10 was my supposed arrival time in Buffalo. Finally, at 10:30, we were able to take off, and at 11:45 I touched down in Buffalo. I then called the person to pick me up and that was the end of a long day.

The next day, I moved to my new apartment. It is slowly becoming mine, after some tweaking that I needed to do.

For this week, I am running some errands I needed to run, such as forms I need to fill up, among other things.

Anyway, I am glad to be back home. Another year up ahead.

PS: I didn't realize that it has been a year since I started this blog back in July 18, 2005. Wow. One year and still running eh?


  1. Hey, thanks for dropping a note sa site ko ha! Much appreciated.

  2. hi LIW, congratulations! 1 year, now that's something :)

  3. Kuya, At last, I can now open up my very own naked room! But without you here in Prague, really made us realized how dear you are to us!

    |Anyway, my naked room at last! Yeh heh!

  4. Congratulations too to 1 year blogging! You enjoy it as much as I do...
    We will meet one year later again :-)