15 August 2006


Oh, I guess I am back to the tradition of using one-word titles in my entries. Well, let's see.

Nothing eventful for me nowadays. I have finally installed some fixtures in my new flat, thus, I was able to hang clothes again, and not having them folded up in my suitcases. I hate feeling like I am a tramp. So when my neccessities came, I immediately installed them. So yesterday, I spent the day ironing all day long. I ironed my clothes so that they would not have corners in them, and then I hanged them. Finally.

With regard to the jigsaw puzzle, I have finished about seven rows already from the bottom. Since it has 50 pieces per row, that means I have been able to connect about 350 pieces already. I'll take a picture when I have the time.

Classes will start soon: I already ordered my textbooks online, via Amazon, giving my pocket a small dent again. We have a bookstore here inside the campus, but with Amazon, I get my books with a small discount, sometimes the books are priced a few dollars less than the regular price, unlike our bookstore. So sorry UB, but I am just a poor graduate student. I cannot patronize your shop.

With classes only a week and a half to go, I have been preparing for the class I am teaching big time. Handouts here and there, the grading system breakdown has been done, and I have to meet with my undergraduate teaching assistant.

Plus, I need to attend to a couple of orientations regarding the technology inside the room that I will be using. I am assigned to teach in a tech room, where there are plenty of gadgets and hi-tech equipment for teaching. I need to be able to know how to use that so I need to attend that orientation.

I also am scheduled to have a dental appointment next week, and a haircut too.

Plus there is the yearly departmental welcome party, where everyone attends and gets to know the new faces in the department.

Oh I can feel the pressure coming along.

I'm alive!


  1. uy, wag naman ma-pressure! just enjoy it and im sure you'll have fun.

    wow, i cant do a full-time ironing. iknow i will have to do it someday, but at this point, i only press my clothes before using them, which wastes a lot of time and electricity.

  2. I love puzzles except for jigsaw puzzle. I don't have the patience to arrange those pieces. Dunno why.

  3. you're back! and i'm still here. kinumusta na kita sa mga tao sa dept. tambay ako dun last week. busy mga tao. 2 more weeks here, then back to my reality... thesis... hehehe.
    kwentuhan na lang tayo pag mabilis na ang internet connection ko =)

  4. kuya isinama mo ba sa order mo yung mga books na pinabibile ko sa yo i-mail mo na sa akin at ng mabasa ko at makapag-self study ako sana nga matulungan ko yung Thai community dito just trying