09 August 2006


Ah, blogging again. Time to breathe.

After a few days of monotonous humdrum, I am happy to report that there has been progress in a few departments of LIW's world.

First, the new apartment. As of yesterday, I got a new shower. Well, when I first moved in a week ago, all they installed was a temporary rickety shower. Apparently, they were procrastinating, or whatever the reason for the delay, they were not able to install a permanent shower in time for my move. So they installed a temporary thing for me to use in the meantime. But as of yesterday, I now have a spanking new glass shower. Yay!

Second, the upcoming fall semester. I am done devising the final project that I will require my students. And funny because I am actually excited to have them do it. Oh I know that some students will hate me for requiring them to do this. The final project is about documenting a foreign language. It is a mini-fieldwork, designed for undergraduate students.

I am also progressing on the lectures I am giving. I have scheduled the 14 weeks of the semester accordingly, planning the contents of the lectures for every time the class will meet. So far I am done with the first few meetings.

So, there you have it. A brief update on my egosphere. I'll show you a picture of my desk, but unfortunately I don't have my camera with me. Maybe next time.


  1. show me the new apartment... lol

  2. Oo nga kasi di ka makapag webcam dyan sa bago mong apartment kaya kunan mo na lang ng pics at send mo sa akin sa email ko eag dyan sa blog mo na makikita ng lahat Baka mamaya may nag-i-stalk sa yo mapuntahan ka pa dyan Delikado Send mo na lang sa # 1 fan mo hehhehehehhe