17 August 2006


I feel like a puppeteer with regard to my class this Fall. I have been busy devising my lesson plans, my syllabus, my homework assignments, my handouts. So far, everything up to the second week of September is in full swing.

Ah, if only these undergraduate students know how much effort their instructors are putting into their lessons.

One of my textbooks have arrived in the mail today. Now that's one that I need to read pretty soon. It is my textbook for Corpus Linguistics. Now I am not looking forward to that class. Although it is a cool class, I don't know if I can squeeze into my head elementary computer science and apply those knowledge into Linguistics. This is the class where one can learn how to make treebanks and databases, analyzing corpora and all those databasey stuff that would help one in their linguistic research, no matter what subfield of Linguistics they are into.

I am having a different officemate for this year. I would miss my ex-officemate. Even though he didn't like my ticking clock, well, he was very engaging. Now, I have to go down to the dungeons of the fourth floor to talk to him.

I am looking forward to meeting the new students. I wonder where they come from. I am not sure how many are foreign students, so far, I have only met a Kuwaiti and a Taiwanese. I wish there were more students who spoke more "interesting" languages, such as Zulu, Armenian, Tamazight, or Ngankikurungkurr, for that matter. Anyway, maybe it is my subconscious, wanting to do fieldwork, that makes me have these thoughts.

Speaking of fieldwork, I have to take that one-year-long class next year. Not this year, I'll pass. I wonder what language the department will do for the fieldwork. Last year they did Estonian. I wonder what this year's and next year's language would be?

Anyway, back to work. Enough of this ranting.


  1. You sure seem busy, I know that. I bet it is hard planning for the upcomin' quarter and gettin' everything together just so-so. My husband was an instructor in the military one, tho it doesn't compare - I got a taste of the woes when students don't appreciaite the instructor. LOL

  2. Good luck on your classes, prof. And hey, new template again ah! Nice 'un.

  3. sige galingan mong magturo para pagnagustuhan ka ng mga students mo next time mag-uunahan sila sa pagkuha ng subject na itinuturo mo hehehhehehehh