05 August 2006


As I was waiting for the bus on my way to North Campus, I had a realization: that I would never want to live permanently in an American city that relies heavily on cars.

I have just got back from Europe (Prague) and everything was accessible there by public transportation. If there is no bus or tram or metro, there is the taxi. Here in Buffalo, even taxis are a rarity! One must call them over the phone for the taxi to come.

Anyway, I am slowly stacking up on my new apartment. I just ordered some new furnishings so that I won't be living in a suitcase anymore. As my No. 1 Fan has said, I should consider the place I am living currently as my home, so I should not act like I am always living in suitcases. So in order for the suitcases to disappear from my bedroom, I ordered some dressers and racks to store my clothes.

Heh, I know, it's this time of the lifetime again, that weird-feeling depressive low-lying frequency that one gets whenever one moves at a new house. Did you know that moving to a new apartment is a cause for depression? I have to admit that I do not feel all to jumpy and bright as before, but I know that sooner or later, school will start again and I will forget the humdrum of solitude.


  1. that's one of the many reasons i cant leave singapore. public transpo is so convenient and efficient. that justifies why cars are so damn expensive here.

    anyway, i know how it feels to move house every now and then. all the best for you in your new place.

  2. What I only know is that transferring to a new residence causes stress (just like death in the family, Christmas, promotion at work, etc.) and not necessarily depression. Anyways, I'm sure you'd get over your "depression" soon. Just enjoy the new place and blog some more. :)

  3. Kuya, as you move into that new pad, be sure to bring with you a set of kudkuran, a box of chili, a ganta of rice, and the reliable gulok! These are superb tools when moving to a new place you'd call home! Babsky
    Yan yung sabi ng # 2 mong taga-Gubat. Wag mong kalimutan na isabit yung picture ng beer na galing dito sa akin para lagi mo akong maalala.

  4. hey! kilala ko yang mga fan #s 1 and 2 mo ah! funny naman yung comment ni #1. funny but true. hahaha! :)

  5. You will soon get used to your new apartement!
    I always feel at home where nice music is, so listen to great songs or classics you like and the your home will be another comfortable one suddenly...

  6. d2 sa dubai d masyado problema ang public transport kasi amraming taxi. but its expensive. about trains they are planning to build one baka around 2010 meron na rail dito. :)