12 September 2006


Yesterday, as a way to force myself into relaxation, I went to the first concert series of the Beethoven Complete Piano Sonatas. A faculty from the Department of Music is giving out a cycle of all of Beethoven's piano sonatas during the whole year. Last night's performance was the first one.

He played No. 27, No. 3, No. 12, and No. 23, the final sonata being the one subtitled "Appassionata".

For me, who has never heard of a Beethoven sonata being played live, last night's performance was bone-chilling. In a good way.

Obviously, I like the F-minor sonata. It truly has a passionate theme to it, the dark chords singing through the concert hall, painting a picture of sensuality and hot, steamy passion in their listeners eyes. I never realized that Beethoven could be sensual as well. It kept me at the edge of my seat the whole time.

Which brings me to the irony of other listeners. Why is it that other listeners would pay money just to have a seat in a concert hall to sleep? If they sleep in their beds, wouldn't that be a free deal instead? Instead, they choose to pay for a ticket for a seat to sleep in for two hours. How ironic.

Another thing I hated was the urge for the other listeners to clear their throats while the performance was running, especially during the slow movements. Urgh, it grates in my head whenever I hear a person do that. I guess that would explain why I have been to so few live recitals and preferred the CD version.

Oh well, that's reality. The reality of the performance. I guess I should factor in the coughs and the sleeping listeners into my ontology as well.

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