29 September 2006


The whole department is going down with a disease, whether it is the common cold, or something more serious. My Phonetics class was cancelled today, because the instructor was down with a contagious disease. I, on the other hand, together with other members of the department, be it a fellow student, or the department secretary, or a professor, is down with the cold. I think I got it from my undergraduate teaching assistant, who in turn got it from her instructor in one of her classes. Apparently, that instructor passed the cold to one of the secretaries as well. As I said, the whole department is sick.

One of my students resigned today. After one month of classes. I guess it was the best thing for him to do, due to the fact that he wasn't showing up at all in my lectures.

I had some comments from my students about how hard the quiz I am giving to them was. Well, that's just a fact of the course, the course deals with plenty of information. So there are plenty of things to cover.

It has been a week of bad weather here in Buffalo. It's been raining on and off, and I hate it. I started to wear my long overcoat, albeit not buttoned all the way through. The temperature has started to fall, and the leaves are definitely changing their colours.

I did some internet shopping the other day. I bought a couple of books, both academic and for pleasure. I bought a book entitled "Logics of Conversation", written by a philosopher and a linguist. This book is very useful for my qualifying paper, and until now, I have been fighting with some unknown person in the library about who will be having the book for this period. I would borrow the book in the library and he would recall it, then he would borrow it and I would recall it. But if the book is essential to my research, then I'd rather spend a few dollars and buy my own copy. It would then be part of my personal library.

I also bought a "Teach Yourself **insert language here**" and a "Lonely Planet **insert country name here**". I guess I'd rather not reveal where I am going this summer, yet, because, still, if plans would change, I would be so disappointed. So nothing is written in stone. But I am preparing. All I can say right now is that I am going to a continent that I haven't set foot before. I am so excited.

This morning, I had a bout of anger directed to my officemate. Remember that I had a new officemate? Well, he seems to not care whether he would close the office door or not. He left the door open, just that, with my laptop and all the books to be seen by everybody. Somebody could just as well enter and take some of our stuff. Therefore I emailed him telling him not to do that again. To which, he apologized.

Oh well, I must sign off now. I have already prepared for my class tomorrow. I will be giving them their third homework, and I will start discussing the Altaic languages, which includes, controversially, Turkish, Mongolian, Manchu, Korean, and Japanese. I have a couple of songs to play for my students, and one of them includes a Tuvan throat-singing song. This should be fun.


  1. Cold, the power of exponential sneeze hehehe!

    C'mon, LIW, take it easy with the quiz stuff. I bet you are being singled out as the heartless prof LOL

    Do tell about what happened to the song exercise, will yah...

    I-enjoy mo ang weekend at kakainggit ka at naeexperience mo ang fall. How I wish maka-experience rin ako ng isang taglagas.

  2. kuya I'm back kauuwi ko lang kagabi galing Germany naku galing ng PSS ko super engrande ang preparation na ginawa ng host congregation hayaan mo send ko sa yo yung mga pics Hoy, ingatan mo yang ubo at sipon mo at baka lumala si bro sampang nga balita ko ay mga pneumonia at nasa hospital daw kaya have plenty of rest and take your vit c