02 September 2006

One Week Down

I can't believe that one week of school has already come and gone. Is it that fast?

I guess so, as I have been busy again, that I wasn't able to post daily here, my last post was on Tuesday.

So far, classes are good. And I guess the holiday this Monday helps too. The downside to that is that the class I have that meets only every Monday gets cancelled, and I kinda hate that because that is the class whose topic I am really interested in. It directly concerns my qualifying paper, so you can imagine a geek like me getting disappointed.

My other two classes (I only am taking three this time, because I am teaching one) are very techy classes. One class will require me to learn how to analyze digitized speech sounds and be able to analyze the wave forms and spectograms of it. The other class will require me to use a different operating system in the computer to be able to manipulate collected spoken and written language, called corpora, to test certain linguistic theories.

The class that I am teaching is also doing well. I just gave them their first homework to do. It is fairly easy, from my perspective, but I don't know from theirs. I guess I'll see it next Wednesday, when they submit their work.

Oh, enough of that.

I just bought tickets to a Piano Recital two weeks from now. A pianist who is a faculty of the university's music department is giving a concert series, featuring all 32 of Beethoven's Piano Sonatas, over the year. So that means he is giving 8 concerts, 4 per semester. The first concert will be this coming Monday, September 11. I am attending together with some other fellow graduate students who are music buffs. Since I am a student, for just 5 bucks, I could buy a ticket. So that is for Monday the week after.

The university is busy this month, since an important person, the Dalai Lama, is visiting the campus and giving a lecture. People are expected to overflow, and they even cancelled a class day and designated it as a "Day of Learning".

Anyway, it's Friday, and it's the end of a fairly long week. I better sign off.


  1. The Dalai Lama huh! It sure is a great day to be there. Send my regards if you happen to talk to him hehehe1

  2. you bought "tickets"... so sinong kasama mo? hhmmm? hay naku, nang-iintriga lang ako. hahaha!

    have a great week ahead!

  3. oo nga kuya bakit tickets kung para sa yo lang baka naman may ka-date ka na at di mo sinasabi sa akin ha at baka worldly yan ha abaĆ½ di pwede yan so make sure na pakaingatan mo yang iyong spirituality may bahagi ka pa naman sa Sept