05 September 2006

Random Musing

Sometimes, I try to copy other bloggers' blogging styles and methods, as a homage to them. So for this one, let me pay a homage to jef, whose blogging-style I am imitating with this entry. Let me do something that he frequently does in his blogs, writing about random musings. And I have tons of them.

  • Yesterday was a holiday, Labor Day, as they call it. And I lived it up to its name. I was in labor. I went to my office, even though it was a holiday, and typed a handout for my class that was going to be used in two weeks.

  • Speaking of irony, there is another one that is coming two weeks from now. The Dalai Lama is coming for a visit this September 18-20, and he will give a lecture on the 19th. They have cancelled classes on the 19th, designating it as a Day of Learning, but if you were to learn, you would have to go to class, right? Why cancel it if it is a day of learning?

  • Starting this year, I live in an area of Buffalo called "University Heights". It is adjacent to UB South Campus, and there are plenty of houses there that are rented by students. It is quite a lively place, especially during the weekend. Well, yesterday, as I was walking from my house to the bus stop to go to school, I saw a guy, a typical college jock I should say, wearing boxers and a curtain. That was it. At first, I thought that he had no water in his apartment and so he was walking to his friend's house to take a bath. I was thinking that he had a towel around him. But on second look, and I did look the second time, the thing was too big to be a towel, and he didn't have anything on aside from a pair of boxers underneath. No shower equipment. And the curtain was connected on his left shoulder with a ring, something in the fashion of a toga. Then I thought, oh, initiation. After all, it's the first month of classes, and these activities by the fraternities are commonplace. He was walking on the other side of the street, which was a good thing, because that would have been very awkward if he and I were walking on the same sidewalk. He didn't enter a house, he seemed to have just circled the whole block. I find it weird that some people would go to great lengths just to gain social acceptance.

  • If you are living alone, like me, you better be prepared for the lack of variation in your life. For example, my soap lasts for two months, and I buy the 3-in-1 pack. So I get the same smell for six months. My shampoo and conditioner lasts for a semester. So since last year, I have just used three kinds: Kiwi Splash, Blueberry Cream, and currently, Tea Therapy, all by V05. I have to admit that the blueberry cream was a wreck. I hated my hair smelling like a cake for six months. With regard to cooking, it is also the same. Yesterday, I made Moroccan Stew, and that would last me for the whole week. It is impractical to cook something that would just last for one or two days. So I cook a whole pot and then slowly consume it over the week.

  • I have a rather busy month this September. First, there was the Department Annual Welcome Party on the Saturday before the first week of school. Then, a fellow graduate student invited some other students including me for a dinner in his house last Saturday. And I have a piano recital to attend this coming Monday with some other friends. And my advisor is also holding a dinner this 16th for a fellow advisee. And finally there is a two-day assembly that I will attend on the last weekend of September in Rochester.

  • This morning, while I was in the bus going to school, next to me was an African male, and across the aisle was another African male. They were talking in a language I presumed to be from Africa. It sounded similar to Twi, Igbo, or Yoruba. In short, it sounded like a West African language. But I might be wrong. When the bus stopped, I found a way to ask one of them what the language was. And it was strange because he told me that they were speaking in Arabic. I asked the man where he was from and he said that he was from the Sudan. I didn't pry anything else from him, and I bid goodbye. But later on, I checked that indeed, Sudanese Spoken Arabic is spoken in the Sudan, but I didn't hear any of the pharyngeal and uvular sounds that my informant (who speaks Kuwaiti Spoken Arabic) prolifically produces. Again, I might be wrong. But in case they were speaking a lesser-known language, why would they tell me that they spoke Arabic?

  • When you are teaching, like me, you not only teach, but you also learn yourself. In the preparation that I am doing for my class, I have learned tons of new things that I wouldn't have learned if I didn't teach this class. Things about the Indo-European language family, and all these other interesting stuff. I specialize in semantics, and historical linguistics is not my thing, but still, this class has made me come to know of this stuff. Interesting. And I just like the way my students nod their heads when they get the point.

  • Oh, enough of this musing. I better get back to work.


    1. Hi L-I-W

      I found your blog through a friend's friend's blog...you know how it goes.

      Your title caught my eye, as I graduated last year from the University of Wales Swansea with a BA (Hons) in Linguistics.

      It's nice to find someone else in the Blogging world who has the same degree as me! :-)

      If you want to pay my blog a visit, here's my url: http://retrointrospection.wordpress.com

      By the way-what are your favourite "aspects" of linguistics? I'm really interested in language and gender, neuro lingusitics, language acquisition, dialectology and soicio -linguistics.


    2. lolo, nice to know you're enjoying your class.
      i still have 3 weeks of vacation pero i should be preparing for our poster session and of course the thesis writing itself. aral na lang ng aral. i miss teaching.

    3. Hey LIW, thanks for molding that style. Actually, I'm no original with that kind of musing...nothing is original in these days by the way hehe.

      "I find it weird that some people would go to great lengths just to gain social acceptance."

      I really love your observation about that jock who wants social acceptance, all the crappiness that comes along when you feel like an outcast etc.

      That is why I tried my best not to conform with "what is normal".

      I tend to be weird hehe1

    4. hmmm dumadami itong taga-basa mo ah bago itong si jen at linguistics din sya malakas din pala ang prat dyan sa university mo 3 days akong straight whole day sa FS kaya pagod na pagod ako di tuloy ko masyadong nababasa ang blog mo anyway pahing ako ngayon at bukas