30 October 2006


Today is the first weekday in which the time went back one hour backwards for the daylight savings time adjustment. So, unlike last week, 7:00 (the time in which I usually get out of the house) was brighter than last week.

Still, everyone was doing the same routine. Like clockwork.

The black woman who goes to work every time I get out of the house pulled out of her driveway a few houses from mine, driving her Saturn to work. She also noticed that I also get out of the house at around the same time, for last week, she opened her window down and said to me that I always looked nice every time she pulls out of her driveway. That conversation actually made me realize that people observe other people, and so I decided to look back and see what other people do at the same time. By the way, the reason I look nice is because I always wear that long overcoat on top of my clothes. It just makes me look like a Muscovite.

The middle-aged man with Down's syndrome that lives near the corner of my street and Main St. He always drinks his hot drink and he stands at the porch of his house, watching people pass by. He always has his blue windbreaker.

The old woman walking her Maltese. She owns the laundrymat and dry cleaning joint at the corner of Main and Merrimac. She always walks her dog in the morning around the time I reach Main St. We greet each other sometimes, she always smiles back. She once thought that school started already, back in August, when I came across her. I explained that I am going to school to prepare for my class that I'll be teaching. I always say a greeting whenever she crosses my path.

The blind man with the walking stick, walking the other side of Main St. I came across him today, and he was dodging the remaining debris from the storm of two weeks ago with his walking stick. I always see him walk that path, rain or shine.

The three Chinese undergraduate students that live in Englewood Ave. They always come to school the same time as I do, and I always see them jaywalking on Main St. Apparently, they live in Englewood, and cross Main St. to go to the bus stop.

Finally, the old bearded man that seems to order coffee, and just coffee, in the Middle Eastern diner in Main St called Amy's Place. That's always the thing I see on his table. He always sits outside, and whenever it is windy, his beard is just all over the place.

Oh well, humans are a species of habit.


  1. It's good you've began noticing people and persons, instead of things and bric a bracks. It is a sign of humanity longing to be recognized and be noticed. Besides it adds up lots of spices in one's otherwise dreary life.

    Try to think more deeply, by noticing how they look about, how they focus their gaze, to where and from where and for how long they do; then try to think about yourself, from the mopment you step into Bufallo, NY?! How many more seasons will need to pass by, how many more summers and winters will you need to endure? Before you realize how far or how close you are to your HOME?

  2. I like your thoughts and I like how exactly you watch these people!
    As a writer it's really important watching others.

    And right now you make me think too of the people I meet every day in my surrounding here...

  3. Oh well, humans are a species of habit.

    Great quote! Can I borrow it hehe :)