26 October 2006


I got this list from KV, who listed his own version of answers. If you ever try to do this, tell me you did so I can read your results.

Favourite Band: Evanescence, Chevelle, Calle 13, My Chemical Romance, Lacuna Coil
Favourite website: Airliners.net, National Geographic, Blogger
Favourite TV Channel: none (I download stuff I want to watch)
Favourite Radio Show: none
Favourite TV Show: The Amazing Race
Favourite Simpson: none
Favourite Movie: The Truman Show, The Hours, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Favourite Dish: Morrocan Tanzhiya
Favourite Drink: Chai Latte (non-alcoholic; I get one every MWF), Guinness Draught (for beer), Mojito (for mixed drinks)
Favourite Sport: Rock Climbing, Trekking, Caving
Favourite Team: Buffalo Sabres (well…)
Favourite Girls: girls of mystery
Favourite Big City: Tokyo and Taipei
Favourite Small Town: Kutna Hora
Favourite Place to Party: Prague, definitely
Favourite Place to Explore: Koneprusy Caves outside Prague, but now I’m planning to climb Vulcan Rucu Pichincha in Ecuador
Favourite People: anyone, as long as we click
Favourite Car: not a fan of American cars; I’ll say I fancy an Audi S6
Favourite Bike: I’m not a bike person…
Favourite Time of your Life: I can’t answer this one, every phase has its good and bad points, and I can’t decide
Favourite Time of the Year: Summer definitely
Favourite Time of the Day: early morning before sunrise
Favourite Thing to do on Thanksgiving: hmmm... sleep
Favourite Thing to do when you are Bored: none, I never get bored
Favourite Thing to do when it Rains: play board games
Favourite Thing to do when it’s Sunny: watch the clouds come and go
Favourite Designer: I don’t wear designer clothes, but I use designer cologne, and Givenchy and YSL has been doing well with making me smell good


  1. Favourite Time of the Year: Summer definitely

    Don't tell me it's because of summer classes. Hehe.

  2. kuya pagpunta mo sa Ecuador wag mong kalimutan na ibile ako ng pasalubong alam mo naman na mahilig ako sa souvenir