17 October 2006

I've Got The Power...Again

By saying "again", that's just because I used that phrase as a title before, specifically, for my entry last March 26, 2006. But this time, it has a separate meaning than what I intended last March.

This time, it means that I have my electricity back at my place. I literally have the power again.

That brings a total of 4 days of no electricity. One day less than what my sister in Manila had experienced after a strong typhoon.

Let me summarize what I have been doing for the past 4 days.

Due to the power outage, that meant that I had no heating in my house. That also meant sleeping in three different places for the last five nights. Two in an Indian-Russian-German house, one in my office (yes, I actually camped in my office), and two in a Kuwaiti house. And so far, everything has been smooth running and ok.

Most of the powerlines are back running again, although there are still plenty of trees that are cut down, waiting for the people to pick it up. Most of the streets are bald now, in a way, since the scenery has changed so much that streets look like it is a war zone, like something that was taken from the set of "Saving Private Ryan" or "The Pianist" or any other World War II-related movie. I guess you know the idea now.

Oh well, I have received the announcement that the school will be open for business on Tuesday, so that means it is a back-to-normal schedule again, although I believe the people would just be pretending to be back-to-normal but not really so.

Oh well, Buffalo is surviving. People are running out and about again.

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  1. nakow! ang hirap ng walang kuryente ano? parang napilay ang tao. sakit sa mata ng kandila lang ang ilaw. hehehe! :)