11 October 2006

Porcelain Pet Peeve

I have to say that I have one weird pet peeve. It is about these automatic toilets that have a sensor in front of them in order to flush. I guess it was invented to accomodate people who forget to flush the toilet after they use it.

But then, this contraption has a side effect.

I hate it, I mean, I really hate it when the thing flushes even when I am not done.

Earlier today, I was in the guy's room, and I took a stand in front of one of those porcelain urinals that have a sensor on top of it. It wasn't flushing, good. But as I was unzipping and taking out my manhood, out goes a small sound of "zzzzziingggg" and there goes the water, dropping down from the pipes. And of course, it splashed on my hands, my manhood, my crotch, since I was close to the urinal, and so I instinctively jumped back.

Good thing I was the only one in the room.

I hate it when the sensor mis-senses me, the customer. The customer is supposed to be always right, but this time, that ain't happening. And I end up with a wet hand, manhood, and crotch.

Good thing that the water on the urinal was clear when I used it. Imagine if the reverse would occur, when someone actually used it and the urinal mis-sensed it again, by NOT flushing after use this time.

1 comment:

  1. When you took out your manhood, maybe the sensor didn't see anything so it activated the flush.

    Kidding. :)