24 October 2006


I didn't realize that I haven't posted for a week here. The main reason is that after the power went back up again, there was a lot of stuff to do. "Power" was the word for the week. Almost all of the conversation topics of the people centered around when they got their power back. And surprisingly, some places just got their power last night, more than one week after it happened.

It's that time of the year again when one needs to plan for their schedules next semester. I am planning to take just three classes again, and one of those being just an MA thesis supervision. That means that I am only taking two real classes. And I will be just a teaching assistant next semester, so I can focus more on my writing.

Winter is slowly creeping up behind our backs. The temperature is slowly falling steadily. However, I am planning my summer vacation backpacking in a not-yet-disclosed destination, so that is something I can look forward to. I have already made initial contact with a prospective accomodation, and it seems promising. I am also designing my itinerary, so everything would be perfect.

Teaching is rewarding, and yet sometimes it can be time-consuming. But then, I like it. Tomorrow, I'll be discussing Afro-Asiatic languages. I've just finished discussing Arabic (and I even brought a native Arabic speaker in class) and so I will cover Maltese, Hebrew, Somali, and Amharic tomorrow. It will be interesting again.

Oh well. I am building a database for my data as of now. So that I can pull out easily the sentence pairs that I need. When I have this set up for next semester, then my MA thesis writing will be in full swing.

Ok, I better go. I still have tons of things to type.

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